“P2P” Point to Ponder: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

“P2P” Point to Ponder:  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

What a simple, but profound question!

Do you know?

I like this “exercise” because it opens up the imagination to possibilities that might otherwise be filtered.   It removes limiting thoughts like “I need to make as much money as I do now”, “I don’t have the training, skills, credibility, etc…”, and “I’m too afraid to try” and allows for your inspiration to be drawn purely from the heart…whether or not it’s your profession, your relationship, or your body…it’s all fair game!  This isn’t to say that you should fear failure…just the opposite…this is about removing the fear of failure to help open the mind.

I am going to keep asking myself this question as I proceed on my journey…maybe I’ll even start “a list”…I do love lists

Feel free to post and share what you do if failure were completely off the table!

5 thoughts on ““P2P” Point to Ponder: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

  1. Sometimes overcoming the possibility of Failure is motivation to try your best and hang in there until you succeed. Overcoming failure is the natural “high” we experience when we succeed, and it encourages us to be brave and courageous stretching ourselves to do more. Sometimes it makes me think hard about what I’m planning to do and make sure it is what I really want to fight for. I have learned to embrace the fear of failure. I have never let it stop me from doing what I believe to be “right” for me. Even in those times I tried and failed – I learned so much about myself and how to do better. Failure is a good teacher if we listen to the lesson.

  2. Do your answers change if the question is “what would you do if you had no fear?” Sometimes I’m afraid for no good reason, but I’ll never admit that I said that. 🙂

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