Irrigation Part 1 – Success!

1st milestone in the The Plan has been met!  In the past a project like this would have overwhelmed me and one of 2 things would have happened.  1)  Overplan (procrastinate) to the point of needing to skip it entirely or I’ll miss the planting season; 2)  Decide it’s mandatory (can’t skip it), think about hiring it out, become overwhelmed with that prospect (choosing a service, money, etc…), and delay the entire yard project for yet another year.

Mini-Project Name:   Irrigation Part 1 – Backbone

Goal: Install PVC Sub-Main for Drip System


  1. Stop procrastinating and actually do the hard work of laying a foundation for watering (I’ll be so so happy later)
  2. More efficient use of water
  3. Ability to connect to rain collection system
  4. Save time watering!

Irrigation Part 1:

I have to say I feel quite proud of myself!  Next up today I tackle raised bed building!

4 thoughts on “Irrigation Part 1 – Success!

  1. You bet! You have a layout yet? I’m sure I will lots more to share as I have to hook this backbone up to the actual controls and drip system…but getting the pipes in was a big step in the right direction!

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