Gratitude Moment: My Body and 10 Tons

I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA), and despite what anyone might tell you (they say we lie about the rain to keep peole from moving here), it rains here ALL THE TIME.  The weather has afforded me a rain induced break from my outside activities for which my body is grateful.  As I’m documenting this journey via this blog I can more easily reflect on the last few weeks and marvel at how my body has kept up with my demands.

I broke my toe (yes it’s a toe – but I really broke it – in a couple of places and where it attach to the rest of my foot) back in February. I broke my toe a week before a trip to Spain for work, bad timing to be sure.  But even though it was very painful, my body stepped up to the challenge and helped me navigate that trip and the next few months.  I’m also just outside the grasp of  THE PLAGUE, which knocked me down for a good 3 weeks.  I started this spring project after being inactive for the better part of 3 months.

These last 2 weeks in the yard have been slower than usual due to The Toe and The Plague, but my body has come through and then some.  Instead of getting down on my body for being sick or slower, I truly appreciate what I’ve been able to accomplish.   Things that normally would have overwhelmed me, I’ve taken bit by bit, and the reward has been well worth it.  After the 1st day of clearing I thought that I wouldn’t be able to move the next day (or maybe ever), my arms and legs were shaking with muscle fatigue.  I literally collapsed.  I woke up the next day a little stiff but I actually felt fine and was able to do even more.

Between Clearing, Irrigation, and Raised Bed Building – I’ve moved over 20,000 pounds of “stuff” in the last 2 weeks (really over about 5 days).  That’s pretty stunning to me – 10 tons!  Bricks and dirt for the irrigation were at least 6 tons.  I calculate the wood for the beds to be about 2000 pounds total and I’ve moved that wood at least 4 times – which is another 4 tons.  During the clearing I moved 100 sq. ft of wet plants, I have no idea what they weighed (a lot).

Needless to say, it’s a remarkable number to me when I add it all up.   Also, most of the work has called for deep knee bends to save my back (lots of crouching), which has asked a great deal from my knees.  My back and my knees are doing great and ready for more!

I want to take this moment to thank my body for always being there for me…for better or for worse…despite my abuse and neglect…

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Moment: My Body and 10 Tons

  1. I LOVE it! Our bodies are really so, so amazing and are knocking themselves out on our behalf. They do deserve appreciation and praise. Here’s to your body! Also this post made me LOL several time. Very funny! You are a great blogger!

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