Square Foot Gardening Templates

I ran across a blog the other day that was touting the benefits of making your own square foot gardening template out of left over plywood.  Great idea I thought…but somehow, between the piles and piles of wood I have, I didn’t have any random pieces of plywood.

by Chiots Run

I really didn’t have anything that would work.   I gave up on the idea for a bit and then ran across a comment on that same blog that suggested using a muffin tin for a template.  Brilliant!  I love it when I can use kitchen type things for multiple purposes.  The result?  Perfection!

In the photos above, I used the standard muffin tin for beets and the brownie pan (in this case it’s silicon) for radishes.   I just depressed the pan into the soil the desired depth, dropped in my seed and put a handful of seed starting mix on top.  Done!

I haven’t tried square foot gardening before so I’m excited to see how it works.  The OCD part of me LOVES the “order” inherent in the system!  Let me know what creative templates you’ve come up with and/or your experience with square foot gardening!

Also, if you are interested in building raised beds, you find find the design I used (bed partly shown above)  here!

12 thoughts on “Square Foot Gardening Templates

  1. Oh wow! What a fabulous idea! I’m getting ready to plant beets and more spinach/greens and this will match my everything has to be orderly in the garden OCD PERFECTLY!!!

  2. i LOVE your blog, Cathy!! I knew there was something I was supposed to be reading before I started my own very pitiful garden. I started before Memorial Day (which is a huge no-no in these parts) and wouldn’t you know it we got snow one day, freezing temps another, and then 80 degrees the next day. It totally damaged my plants (which I covered) and I’m playing nurse to get them back to health. I love your planter boxes and your excel spread sheets. I especially love how you can organize a blog!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jackie! I have been neglecting my blog…and plan to play catch-up this weekend. Sorry to hear about your plants…you never know…a little love goes a long way!

  3. So what was the harvest like using your grid system? Just curious and planning for the spring. My plants are often too crowded.

    1. Hi Val,

      The radishes and beets I planed turned out great. I used the small spacing on the radishes and larger on the beets. I’m going to do more this year…I’m learning that some veggies actually like to be crowded while others don’t. What are you planning to plant using this method? I’m still in the planning stages and just this last weekend started turning/prepping the beds!

      Thanks for you comment/question!

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