Deck “Waste” Becomes New Potting Bench

After my Deck Demo project I was left with a pile of wood that inspired me to build something…what better than a potting bench?  I built the potting bench in 4 stages:

  1. Base Structure and Roof
  2. “Hidden” Sink
  3. Cable Shelf
  4. Ready to Stain!

Part 1:  Base Structure and Roof

I started without a plan, which is unusual for me, but is in keeping with the rest of my life right now, things are very  “of the moment”.

I gathered the better looking pieces of wood and then I just started building.  I built the base and put an exiting piece of lattice on the back.  Then I built a roof, of sorts, I would do this differently in the future, but it works.  The issue then was how to put to roof up.  (Most people with a plan, actually build the roof framing and then roof the structure after the frame is attached to the structure.)  No worries though, I just removed the lattice, built a frame and tossed the roof on top. 

Apologies to my Brother-in-law, I had to deconstruct part of an older garden bed he built me to get the longer pieces to build the framing for the roof.  But, I planned to deconstruct the bed anyway, there is a “new vision” for that part of the yard.

Part 2: Sink Installation

After building the base structure I then decided I needed a sink.  (Again, with an actual plan a place for the sink would have been framed into the base).   I found the sink at one of my favorite salvage places here in Portland, The ReBuilding Center, this place is amazing, I donate to and shop here frequently.  While wandering around I found some cool hinges, so why not make the sink a undermount and add a hatch?  The purpose of the sink is for soil, I’ll put potting soil in the left and pot over the right, the right will empty into a container underneath.  Brillant!

Part 3:  Cable Shelf

I then rooted around my garage and found some old dog lead, steel cable, that I wasn’t using.  Why not build a suspended shelf?  Potting benches need shelves right?  I had to buy a few part from the hardware store, cable tie-off and tensioner, but all in all it was less than $5. 

Part 4:  Ready to Stain!

And there you have it!  My almost 100% repurposed potting bench.  Next I will clean it up a bit and stain it to match the fence on the left in the picture below.  The only “new” bits were the cable tie-offs and tensioners.  All in, including the used sink and brackets, the bench costs me ~$17!  And it was fun to just start building…to organically see what would take shape.  I was never frustrated by the process, it was fine to build, take apart, and start over.

Life Lesson:  Have a general idea what I want but stay in the moment, and be willing to deconstruct what I’ve built and start over.

4 thoughts on “Deck “Waste” Becomes New Potting Bench

  1. Wow!! The you have been so busy! This is all amazing. So great to have a way to see how the house projects are coming along. Really cool ideas.

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