Wrapping up 2012

After my post Accepting Life Unconditionally back in September, I had a short burst of posting activity and then fell off again…2012 has been a tough year…major ups and major downs.  As 2012 draws to a close my goal for January is to update folks on all of the major projects I started last year and to start planning for 2013.

I began this blog with the intent of documenting my journey into Biophillic Design, the “understanding the human-nature connection and designing with that in mind“.  My focus has been on my immediate surroundings, my house, and neighborhood, and my community.

Given the massive personal changes that occurred in my life during the last 9 months, my journey has been more inwardly focused than I expected it would have been when I started this in March. The turn of the new year offers a fresh start, if even just a calendar event, it gives us the opportunity to review the last year, appreciate and show gratitude for the happy events, accept the hardships and take the lessons offered from both into the next year.

When I look at the last year at the highest level I have definitely begun to shape my physical surroundings to be more in sync with Nature – which will be the focus of my upcoming posts. But the biggest lesson for me from last year is to live in sync with the Natural Rhythms of life. Birth, Death, Love, Loss, Gratitude and Acceptance.