Master Bathroom Remodel

Finally…after living with a very uninspired and dysfunctional master bathroom I finally took the time this last fall to do a simple remodel.  I was also motivated by the fact that my house only had one shower, downstairs, and I was getting a housemate and wanted us both to have private baths.  I kept the footprint of the orginal Master bathroom the same but was able to replace a pedistal sink with a double vanity, adding tons of storage, and replacing a jetted tub with a huge glass tile shower.  The pictures are not great (I need a real camera if I’m going to keep up this blog thing….), but in person it looks great.

I went with floor to ceiling glass tile and a pebble floor in the shower, and a ceramic tile in the vanity area.  A heavy glass door, with thick glass on top of the shower walls.  I did need to put in a smaller window, which actually looks much better fro the outside the large window did before.

  • Wall & Floor Tiles:  Home depot
  • Bathroom Mirror/Sink/Vaintiy:  IKEA
  • Glass Shower: Custom
  • Paint:  TBD
  • Hardware:  TBD

Total cost?  ~8-10k

Shower Before and After

Shower Details

Vanity Area

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