What is Moon Planting?

I had no idea that the concept of planting by moon phases even existed until I stumbled upon The Old Farmers Almanac website (not to be confused with the Farmers Almanac…which I think is VERY confusing) when I was looking for the average last frost date and “what to plant now” guide for my area.

The concept of Moon Planting has been around FOREVER (dawn of time) but the actual science behind it is a bit unclear (completely unproven).  But – I love learning about something new and I like the structure that Moon Planting suggests (which may be the real reason some people think it works)

I was having a hard time summarizing the Moon Planting suggestions I was finding so I cobbled together (with bits and pieces from various sites) a visual guide.

Moon Planting - tar2trees.com

Moon Planting Theories

These are the main theories I could find (during my exhaustive 15min search via google) on why Moon Planting may work:

    1. Gravitational pull affects how water is moved around in the plant and the soil (tidal theory).  In theory then a waning moon would allow the water to be pulled deeper into the soil (good for root veggies) than during a waxing moon when the gravitational pull from the moon.
    2. The amount of moonlight affects certain plants growth cycle

These theories are somewhat “debunked” in the skeptics guide to Moon Planting.  One debunking explanation that I find particularly interesting is that by not planting everything as soon as the weather turns nice you decrease the chances of being hit by an unexpected late frost since in some cases you have to wait until the next moon cycle.  Plus, spreading out your planting lowers the risk of other environmental and pest related incidents.

I just may give this a shot this year…why not?  I need a planting calendar anyway!  Here is the link I’m using for my area for tracking the current moon phase.

What do you know about Moon Planting?  Have you ever tried it?

4 thoughts on “What is Moon Planting?

  1. I’ve never heard of moon planting, but I can see some of the logic behind the gravitational pull type of theory. Interesting! I am a huge fan of the moon in general so anything relating to it always sparks my interest. You’ll have to let us know if you notice any difference trying planting this way.

  2. My grandfather planted by the moon, I have planted by the moon. one year i planted late in the cycle not good at all. It’s a nice way to set the planting calender and helps keep you in touch with the cycles. Good luck, Dohn

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m running a wee experiment. I wanted to get a few of my root veggies in and didn’t want to wait…so I put half in a few days ago and will do the other half during the correct cycle. I’m glad I ran across this – I love the “order” to it, and the mindfulness of natures cycles.

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