Tar2Trees Turns 1 Today!

Just a quick note to acknowledge that today marks the end of my first year, and more importantly, the beginning of my second year, writing this blog.  I thought I would celebrate by sharing with you some yummy red velvet cake pops (imagination required).

tar2trees turns 1!

I stared this blog with the intent of exploring a rather obtuse sounding concept called biophilia (see 1st Entry!).  I began to sense a need for a change when I wrote Wrapping Up 2012, and formalized the new direction last month by writing My Conscious Living Wake-Up Plan.

Over the last month I’ve updated my blog by editing and consolidating my blog categories and tags to more accurately reflect the content I intend to write about, I’ve updated the site’s “tag line” from “My Journey into Biophilic Design” to “My Journey into Conscious Living”, and I’ve updated the About Me page.  All of these seemingly mundane tasks have helped me because they are “actions”, however small, towards expanding my thoughts.

The change in direction feels right.  Zooming out from the details and specifics of biophilia and biophilic design has freed (and fired!) me up to write about a broader set of subjects.  I feel more more creative and I have a nice queue of projects, and associated blog entries, in the pipeline!

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog, the connection this blog provides with people like you, has been truly inspiring.  I look forward to the next year together!

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