I Have Found the Elusive Raspberry Shortcake!

I have been on a quest to locally procure BrazelBerries’s brand new plant out this year, the elusive Raspberry Shortcake.  And yesterday while at Portland Nursery with my sister and the kids helping them shop – THERE THEY WERE!  They had a about 20 in total, they had just come in that day and the checkout person assured me that we were indeed was quite lucky, these would no doubt be gone in by the end of the day.  My sister and relieved them of 3.

rasberry shortcake in pot

My quest (OK, a strong word) has involved multiple trips to the PN (they are only being by a limited number of resellers both locally and online) only to find that they are out.   “When do they arrive?” I naively asked, and they said, “We don’t know.”  “Can you call me they do”, I asked, and they said “No”.  After the 4th trip to PN and getting the same answers I gave up.  I had not planned to go to PN yesterday (I was supposed to working and my wonderful boss gave me the day off so I could play around with my Sister and Nieces in their yard.)  I didn’t even want to go to PN, I wanted to go the nursery down the street.  I had been making so many fruitless (pun intended) trips there I was a little bitter.  And then yesterday – THERE THEY WERE!  (What is that saying about finding something when you quit looking????)

Why are they so special?  I love raspberries but don’t have the room or desire to have long, prickly, out of control canes popping up all over my yard.  These plants claim the following:

  • Dwarfed so they stay small and compact (3′) but still produce normal size fruit
  • Perfectly suited for containers and small yards/gardens
  • No staking since they grow as more of a bush

Clearly I’m a little excited.  All 3 are planted, 1 at my Sister’s house in a container, and 2 here in my newly tilled bed out front (stay tuned for a future post on that project).

This post also seems like the prefect excuse to thow in some more niece pictures…

Garden in Training

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