Does an Exact Copy of YOU Exist Someplace Else Right Now?

Maybe…at least that is what Brian Greene argues.

When I expanded the scope of my blog, I did so with the intent of including more posts like this.  I have an insatiable curiosity when it come to understanding how things work, how things hang together, and how we mere mortals fit into the bigger cosmic and spiritual picture. If you follow my blog for gardening tips, you probably won’t get much from this post unless you would like the idea of the “other you” tending the exact same garden in a parallel universe!

Back to Brian and “The Other You”…Brian Greene is a physics and mathematics professor and director of the Institute of Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics at Columbia University.  His research uses superstring theory to suggest the idea of parallel universes that exist in what is called a multiverse, among many other theories he investigates…

Of course, this all hangs together on some basic assumptions that I’m going to go into deeper in other posts, like gravity, dark matter, and string theory, but for now, I just want to introduce this mind blowing concept.

Interested? Listen to this short and funny 5 minute Colbert Report Interview

Still Interested?  Watch this 21 min Ted talk:

Want to really “get your geek on”?  Listen to this RadioLab interview:


What do you think?

My learning process works best if I attempt to share what I learn…put the concepts into my own words and discuss with others.  That is what I’m going to do with some follow-on posts that will expand on some of these concepts…over time I’m going to weave all of this into some concepts about THE MEANING OF LIFE and GOD.  You know…the lighter topics.

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