My Journey into Conscious Living

Now (Feb 2013):

Last year when I started this blog my main focus was my external world and associated projects. What I’ve learned is that to truly connect with my outside world I need to take a more holistic approach. So…I’m zooming out a bit and expanding the scope of this blog to include my entire journey. Instead of trying to limit my entries to those specific to projects related to biophillic design principles, I’m going to open this up (more formally) to entries that promote my journey into Conscious Living. My writing has already wandered about a bit as I’ve gone through some major emotional life changes this last year…this is just formalizing it a bit.  I’m still intensely interested in biophillic design, particularly Green Roofing, and plan to look for ways to bring more and more of that type of thinking/doing into my everyday life and work but I expect my writings this year will also include more about ways to provide self-care, promote enlightenment, and in general live in a more conscious manner in all aspect of my life.  I’m excited to see what will happen next!

In the Beginning:

This blog started in March of 2012 as a way for me to share my journey into biophilia.  What is Biophilia?  The term “biophilia” literally means love of life or living systems, and biophilic design is about understanding the human-nature connection and designing with that in mind.  This appeals to me on many levels.  I’m an Engineer by training and an Environmentalist at heart.  My life has been a study in contrast, compromises, and now, my journey towards enlightenment.

I will be exploring this topic in excruciating (fun/lighthearted/humorous) detail throughout this blog.  I must stress this is a journey.  I’ve been through a major transformation during the last 4 years, and although much has changed in my life, I feel that the work I’ve done so far has brought me to the edge of real enlightenment, real growth, and real happiness.  I feel it’s finally time to put the work into exploring my passions and seeing where that leads me.  This journey will involve spiritual explorations (lots), scientific findings (think graphs and excel), environmental topics, human interest and motivational stories, food and health, random geeky stuff (more charts and graphs),  and most of all it will be my attempt to genuinely document my experiences.

Why Tar2Trees?

I chose “Tar2Trees” for my blog domain and blog name because it represents both my desire to get “unstuck” from my habitual routines (both physically and mentally) and I’m keenly interested in Green Roofing (a.k.a EcoRoofing, Living Roofs, etc…).   I would love to be a part of transforming tar dominated roofs to eco-friendly, sustainable, habits for people and animals.

A great way to get to know me better is to visit my Pinterest Boards

4 thoughts on “My Journey into Conscious Living

  1. Great description, it sounds like you’re on a very interesting, worthwhile and creative path. You can’t beat a good excel spreadsheet. The move into eco friendly roofing etc sounds fascinating, I love to imagine a future where every house has a garden on the roof overflowing with beautiful flowers, plants and vegetables 🙂 You might also be interested in this website which shares your passions in eco roofing:

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