“P2P” Point to Ponder: What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

“P2P” Point to Ponder:  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

What a simple, but profound question!

Do you know?

I like this “exercise” because it opens up the imagination to possibilities that might otherwise be filtered.   It removes limiting thoughts like “I need to make as much money as I do now”, “I don’t have the training, skills, credibility, etc…”, and “I’m too afraid to try” and allows for your inspiration to be drawn purely from the heart…whether or not it’s your profession, your relationship, or your body…it’s all fair game!  This isn’t to say that you should fear failure…just the opposite…this is about removing the fear of failure to help open the mind.

I am going to keep asking myself this question as I proceed on my journey…maybe I’ll even start “a list”…I do love lists

Feel free to post and share what you do if failure were completely off the table!

1st Entry!

My first entry was intended for January 1, 2012, a nice “clean” beginning.  Good intentions (a.k.a overly ambitious goal setting).  Given that I’m only 81 days, 1944 hours, and 116,640 minutes behind…I’m going to “breath in”…”breath out”….and acknowledge that clean beginnings are just like clean endings and unicorns.

This blog is about my journey into biophilia.  What is Biophilia?  Glad you asked.  The term “biophilia” literally means “love of life or living systems.”  We will be exploring this topic together in excruitating (fun/lighthearted/humorous) detail throughout this blog.  I must stress this is a journey and this entry is the very beginning.  I’ve been through a major transformation over the last 4 years, and although much has changed in my life, I feel that the work I’ve done so far has just gotten me to the point of real enlightment, real growth, and real happiness.  I feel it’s finally time to put the work into exploring my passions and seeing where that leads me.

This journey will involve spirtual explorations (lots), scientific findings (think graphs and excel), environmental topics, human interest and motivational stories, food and health, random geeky stuff,  and most of all it will be my attempt to genuinely document my experiences.

I’m learning to set “manageable goals”, and my goal this week was to write and publish my first ever blog entry ().  My goal for my next entry is to share my plans/goals/aspirations for this up-coming year.

 Life Lessons:  Set Manageable Goals & Life is not “Clean”